We are inspired by Technology

nb software specializes in embedded systems in the field of automotive and consumer electronics, smart energy, telecommunications and semiconductor.

Company Overview

Over the past decades, nb software has established a reputation in world-class embedded hardware design and software development – helping semiconductor companies and device manufacturers to create innovative products and solutions and dramatically decrease their time-to-market while improving their cost efficiency. We serve OEMs and ODMs across different industries, including automotive and consumer electronics, smart energy telecommunications and semiconductor, and more.

nb software provides services spanning the entire product development life cycle – from idea to market – covering both hardware design and software development. Our highly experienced team combines the domain specific knowledge with systems engineering and electronics expertise, which along with the global delivery capabilities ensures that our customers can depend on us to deliver consistent value and significant return on investment.

From the initial requirements analysis to final system testing, verification and support – nb software works closely with customers to accomplish the desired goals and exceed performance expectations. We work pro-actively to understand our customer’s perspective and approach with constructive, yet gentle push-back if necessary to ensure superior project results.


With numerous national and internationally successful projects, nb software looks back with their partners on an extensive reference and extensive cross-industry experience. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our many years of experience and rely on our know-how, efficiency, experience and sovereignty.

Let us help you to unleash your strength and make your products successful.


We Are Inspired By Technology

Our advanced engineering approach combines world-class embedded systems development with operational excellence. We understand the technical challenges that you face with your next project. As a services organization, we are obsessed with delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction. With decades of experience in embedded systems design and development, nb software is always ahead of the technology curve, the best source of services and IP for your products.

Quality Beyond The Highest Expectations

nb software builds for quality, then test to validate throughout the device lifecycle. Coding and integration are always to the highest standards, with clear processes to minimize risk. With world-class expertise in embedded systems design and advanced engineering, nb software puts quality in the core of every device.

Managed By Engineers

nb software managers combine deep technical understanding with respect for deadlines and device time-to-market. Proactive risk identification means problems are found and resolved ahead of time, keeping device development on schedule and on budget.