Next-Generation Embedded Systems and Engineering Solutions

Unleash the full power of product designs. With unmatched expertise in leveraging and optimizing software for intelligent devices, nb software engineers bring a comprehensive approach to the requirements of product planning, development and deployment.

Embedded Systems and Engineering Solutions

nb software provides advanced embedded systems engineering solutions to our customers that satisfy their specific business requirements. We understand the technical challenges that you face with your next project.

nb software is a leader in developing embedded software and systems for various industries and domains. We have massive expertise in embedded systems for the automotive and consumer electronics, smart energy, telecommunications and semiconductor industry.

We use our hardware and software expertise, and IPs to develop fast embedded middleware, rich applications and interactive GUI for your products. Our embedded systems group comprises of a talent pool of engineers and is equipped with competencies in a range of hardware and software design, application and middleware programming, microprocessors and real-time operating systems.

Embedded Products and IP Development

nb software has executed turnkey development projects for new products as well as provided discrete services for existing products. Using unparalleled expertise across various domains, nb software tailors its embedded services and IP to meet your unique challenges.

We are offering advanced engineering solutions in the following areas:

Embedded Software and Systems Development

Concepts and Feasibility Studies, Architecture, Modeling & Design

Product Development

Embedded Systems, Hardware and Software Development.

Product Adaptation

Re-Development & Re-Engineering, Performance and Reliability Improvement and Multiple Platform Porting Services

Product Maintenance

Lifecycle Enhancements, Defect Tracking and Fixing, Feature Enhancements, Regression Testing and Maintenance Release Management

Testing & Verification

Test Plan Design, Test Automation and Scripting, Compatibility and Cnteroperability, Compliance Testing and Regression Testing


Expert Technology Consulting for Embedded Systems


As a services organization, we are obsessed with delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Let us help you to unleash your strength and make your products successful. We are offering services and solutions for the following industries.

Automotive and Consumer Electronics

We develop reliable, safe, and secure automotive and consumer systems that incorporate rich graphics and connectivity on the latest multicore and heterogeneous System on Chip (SoC) designs.

Smart Energy

Smart grids, smart homes (smart appliances, gateways etc.) and smart meters are all key elements of the Smart Energy ecosystem. By enabling these devices to communicate with each other, each element within the system can act more intelligently – energy production devices can better match or influence demand, and energy consuming devices and consumers can modulate consumption based on energy cost.


We develop, configure and improve network management systems from element to service layer.


The semiconductor industry is significantly influenced by embedded software. nb software is developing software stacks, evaluations boards and applications for leading edge semiconductor manufacturers.